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Information we collect:

We receive your information automatically through our web server, which includes computer-identification, information obtained from “cookies”, alternate email ID, the domain server through which you access our service, and IP address. We may collect your information with your use of QuotesOrbit to prevent, investigate and identify abusive comments, if any. In order to get such information we gather data like IP (internet protocol) address, your ISP (internet service provider), or which browser you are using to visit QuotesOrbit. We also record the time taken by you to surf on QuotesOrbit and the number of pages you visited on the site. In case you connect with QuotesOrbit via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc we can store your personal information you have chosen to display on that network. We may also save the messages that you send or receive from QuotesOrbit.

Note: We respect our visitors/users rights and support “Right to be forgotten”. If you think you’ve ever shared your contact details with us & want us to remove that info, please contact us at

Cookies and Beacons:

When you use your browser to visit or surf any website, normally small text files can take place in your computer as browser’s history or program data subfolders which are called as ‘Cookie’. An HTTP cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer by the user's web browser while she/he was browsing. It can be of two types- one which expires when you close the browser and the other is which stays on your computer until you delete them manually by following your browser help directions. Cookies can help to analyze and identify users on the website and it also helps us to serve content to match your preferences. They are basically the tools which are used to collect data. The use of Beacons is also done by us to keep a look on the traffic patterns of visitors. A web beacon is something that we embed in a web page and is usually not visible but allows us to confirm that you have viewed the web page.

Disclose of your information:

We have the right to use IP addresses to identify you and we may use and disclose any information relating to you as per law. We may freely share and disclose information required and as permitted by law. We may also share collected information with some of our business and marketing partner (if any). Though we assure your information is safe and will not be delivered to any third party.

Use of Information:

The information given by you can be used for any lawful purpose. Here is why we collect it and how it is used:

For betterment of our website
To improve its quality
To rectify the information
For any other purpose that is permissible or required under the law
Monitor and analyze Site traffic and usage patterns
Prevent fraud and any illegal activities
Market, promote or advertise the site

Our third party providers:

We have advertising company’s advertisements on our site and we may use their own cookies, web beacons etc. to collect information. Many of our service providers who utilize cookies and other tracking technologies on our Site enable you to choose out of their internet-based advertising and it is totally up to your choice to use them or not. We take information from various other sources and bring them for you and in case of any changes, we make sure to let you know through the website.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track visitors on this site. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect this data.In order to be compliant with the new regulation Google included a data processing amendment.The data we collect will be processed anonymously and “Data sharing” is disabled.We don’t use other Google services in combination with Google Analytics cookies.

Security of Information:

We assure to keep your information safe and it will be used only in case of the betterment of the website and in case of any legal issue and as per law.